Stephen Martin - Manager, Housemartin Barbers

‘I began my career training in The Barbers Under the Bridge and it has been invaluable. I was fully trained within months with excellent hands on and practical advice personal to me. I was up to speed and working full time in their barber shop and then from there went to London and worked in some of the best barber shops in the country, including Murdocks of London in Covent Garden.  I now have my own successful barber shop. All because of the lessons learned at The Barbers Under the Bridge.’

stephen tree

Stephen Tree - Housemartin Barbers

‘The training course at Smart’s (Barbers Under the Bridge) has been a great addition to my learning on top of my night time college course.  You get dedicated one on one tuition with Lynn who takes you through every step of a haircut. 
You can bring in your own clients or take walk-in clients that come through the doors from busy Argyle Street.  The skills and knowledge I have learnt in such a short space of time has been crucial to myself moving forward as a new barber. 
I would recommend this course to anybody on a part-time barbering course as it gives you extra time in a great environment to practice your skills and ask questions about the trade.’


Sean Carberry - Manager,Martin Jones Barbershop

'I finished my Barber Training at City of Glasgow College in 2013.  During this time I also managed to secure a placement as a trainee with the Barbers Under the Bridge.  The college course provided me with basics, however, I definitely gained much more from my placement with BUTB.  Lynn is an excellent trainer. Very hands on and each individual is coached 
based on their own needs.  This type of training not only provided me with the skills that I needed for this job but also experience and knowledge of what it’s like to work on actual busy shop floor which can’t be taught at college.  If I had started my training at BUTB first, I would not have taken the college course.  I learned much more from my training at BUTB and from cutting hair in an established, successful Barbershop.'


Gerard Martin - Martin Jones, Partick

'Lynn is a great teacher who taught me a wide range of skills that has helped me succeed as a barber.  She is an absolute master of the craft and has a passion for passing on her knowledge.'